The world's first TV with personalised sound.

With Loewe and Mimi Defined™.
You don't need to hear everything. But it's good if you can.
Personalised premium sound on all Loewe TVs*.
A great innovation - for a perfect, customised television experience.

Easy to set up.

Thanks to more than 1 million hearing tests carried out by the Mimi Defined™ App, it's quick and easy to select the appropriate hearing profile on your Loewe TV and enjoy the sound spectrum to the full.
First, make sure that your device is compatible with Mimi Defined by entering your article and serial numbers together with your personal details. Then enter your voucher code, and Loewe will use your serial and article numbers to produce a unique Mimi Defined activation code which can be entered directly on your Loewe TV.

See and hear more clearly. With Loewe.

Thanks to the powerful integrated front-facing soundbars*, with up to 120 watts at their disposal , you can enjoy an impressive sound experience at home on your Loewe TV. And yet, each person will perceive this fullness of sound differently. The intelligent technology from Mimi Defined™ now ensures the best sound for your individual hearing needs. The result: The diversity and balance of the sound is re-awakened with new life. Every detail of a sound recording becomes audible and the speech more intelligible. The overall sound becomes clearer and warmer - and all this with a significant reduction in volume.

 *Loewe bild 3 and higher

Unique sound.

Loewe's forward-facing soundbars can include up to six speakers and up to four base membranes. This makes the new Mimi Defined™ feature and your individual television experience even more detailed and impressive.
The intelligent technology from Mimi Defined™ analyses the audio material in real time and adapts it to your individual hearing ability. Based on your hearing profile, every detail can now be heard and experienced, bringing back the full variety and complex detail of the audio. The sound - at lower volume - is clearer, warmer and more balanced.

*From Chassis SL4xxx.
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